Tabor Mountain

Tabor Mountain is a hilltop in the middle of Hawassa City which is commonly known for hiking the place. It is also very ideal for its bird view of the entire city.

Saint Gabriel Church

This is a modern Orthodox Church with its golden dome found in the center of Hawassa City, the interior is decorated with beautiful colorful murals. Every year on July & December annual feast of Archangel Saint Gabriel is specially celebrated. People dressed in white traditional cloth come to attend the festival from all over the country.

Fiche Chembelala (Sidama New Year)

The Sidama peoples New Year celebration is one of the most distinguished festivities of the Sidama people and it has been registered by UNESCO. The celebration is in January.

Lake Hawassa

With its mountainous backdrop, Lake Hawassa is a lovely sight. You could easily spend a few pleasant hours strolling the lakeshore trail at the end of town, watching men fishing from papyrus rafts,

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seeingĀ  the various shorebirds feeding in the reeds and stopping for fried tiapia and a coffee ceremony at one of the many rustic restaurants. To gain a pelican’s perspective of Hawassa’sĀ  shimmering waters, clamber into a boat at the base of the main drag. The boatmen will take you anywhere you request but most people choose Tikur Wuha (black water) to see the hippos. Count on Birr 500 for a party of up to five people for a one-hour excursion.

Fish Market (Asa Gebeya)

Lake Hawassa’s fishermen head out inther little wooden boat in the afternoon and return in the next morning laden with tilapia and catfish. These men are amazingly skillful at gutting, scaling, skinning and flicking the eyes out of their catches.

Local Market

Visitors who enjoy shopping for authentic goods Mondays and Thursdays in Hawassa markets are well-suited. In the colorful and crowded markets, traditional pottery, dresses, bags and baskets are found in abundance.