Banana Art Gallery

An art gallery known for unique and creative art made using the banana plant and gluing the pieces onto a wooden board and framed.

Rastafarian Community

Shashemene’s Rastafarian community is a Jamaican inhabitant of the Rastafarian movement located in the main road just north of the town.

Wondo Genet

Wondo Genet is a hot springs resort 16km southeast of Shashemene where you can enjoy the naturally heated hot waters well. It is a great place to enjoy a slice of local life, green atmosphere, with an abundance of birds & wild animals.


Senkele Wildlife Sanctuary

Senkelle Wildlife Sanctuary is located 53km South of Shashemene, originally established to protect the endemic and endangered antelope species called Swayne’s hartebeests. The open acacia woodland of the reserve is quite scenic and has different wildlife as well as 91 species of birds.